HOM will present the creative designs of renowned brands with unique events and innovations at Skyland Istanbul. HOM will be the new home of those looking for prestigious home and office designs and of the brands creating these designs.

For the love of design

new home


HOM Design Center is created to blend design and art. Today, design is much more popular than ever before... We all look for a unique design in every single object in our life from a simple lampshade to a sofa, from an office chair to an air conditioner. But it is not always possible to find the place and time to look for a distinctive design for each object.
HOM Design Center will host premium brands of home and office furniture, textile, white goods and decoration.

100 stores

40 Bin m²
leasable area


HOM Design Center will not only be the home for designs, but also the meeting place for designers and design aficionados, thus becoming a true “design center”. Architects, artists, fashion designers and world’s leading designers will exhibit the products of their creative minds at HOM Design Center. With workshops, exhibitions and events, HOM Design Center is ready to welcome millions of visitors.

inspiration AREA

A good design is the product of the perfect harmony between form and spirit, and the designer needs, most of all, inspiration to capture this harmony.

Inspiration Area is the center, in a sense the heart, of HOM Design Center. This is a unique inspiration area for both designers and visitors.

The latest designs will be first exhibited in HOM Design Center. Workshops and exhibitions will draw the best designers to HOM Design Center in Istanbul

Art and

At HOM Design Center, art is an indispensable part of life and, design is accepted as an act of creativity, an artistic practice. That’s why artistic events will also be held amidst the events held for the design world. At HOM Design Center, classic and modern art, and various art movements will blend with new generation design practices.

gastro court

Gastro Court brings to HOM Design Center all the things about increasingly popular gastronomy. With over 25 gastronomy brands, Gastro Court flavors the life of design aficionados.

floor plans

MALL Lower Entrance


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