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Being unique means being at high standards
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Office for those that think big

With Tower Office, Skyland Istanbul offers unique privileges for the business world and enhances these superiorities with its horizontal office concept. The offices that offer 1200 sqm space on a single floor and comfortable working environment with 8 meters ceiling height and provide the properties of Loft Office with mezzanines that can be added.

More than an office, with vast opportunities

The best way to add prestige to your business is to have an office at Skyland Istanbul that has unique architecture, technology superiorities, luxury amenities and location at the heart of the business world. You will enjoy the happiness of going to work every day, when you work in the offices at Skyland Istanbul because Skyland İstanbul is more than an office…

You will have lots of excuses not to go home

After work, you can enjoy shopping at the Mall or take a hot coffee break.