Being unique means being at high standards
Skyland istanbul

Being unique means being superior

Skyland Istanbul is a distinguished project that presents superiority in all aspects thanks to its architecture that consists of three towers and a square that combines these towers on a very precious location next to Seyrantepe Turk Telekom Stadı. Skyland Istanbul presents quality, luxury, smart technologies and comfort in all details and presents living at superior standards with its social amenities such as fitness, spa and wellness centers.

Skyland Istanbul also offers privileges for business life with large offices that can be designed according to the demands of users and that have high ceilings and technology infrastructure and it is preparing to become the new center of attraction of Istanbul with its Mall that will be the center of reference in terms of its design.

Being unique means being special

Designed with inspiration from the Fairy Chimneys;

Skyland Istanbul invites you to unique living with its very special architecture. The world-renowned Fairy Chimneys that captivate everyone visiting Cappadocia has millions of years of history. Fairy Chimneys, which occurred 60 million years ago with the erosion of lava erupted by Erciyes, Hasandağı and Güllüdağ Mountains with rain and wind during the course of time, is one of the most special historical and geographical heritages in the world thanks to its beautiful appearance.

Designed with inspiration from this special appearance of Fairy Chimneys; Skyland Istanbul offers a mixed use project that consists of residences, offices and a concept Mall on one of the most precious lands in Turkey. Quality, luxury and comfort are considered in all details at Skyland Istanbul as a project that offers unique living.

Being unique means looking unusual

Skyland İstanbul a distinguished project designed by Broadway Malyan, an architect’s office that has designed many world-renowned buildings, with inspiration from the natural texture of Fairy Chimneys. Broadway Malyan, a global Architecture, Urbanism and Design Company, design integrated city and building projects through its 16 offices in different locations around the world. Peter Vaughan is a famous architect that has prepared numerous projects in many countries and also created the masterpiece Skyland İstanbul. Peter Vaughan has made a breakthrough in Turkey with Skyland İstanbul mixed-use project.